Monday, January 2, 2012

Eleven For '11 Revisited

Last year I posted my Eleven for '11 goals for the year.  Today I'll revisit them...tomorrow, or later this week we'll work on Twelve for '12!

1) Do first the things that only I can do.
I think I have done a good job realizing I have to be a wife and mom first and everything else falls into place after that.  The roles that only I can fill I have filled, the roles I've needed help filling I've asked for help.  It will always be a work in progress but I'd call this a success!

2) Do the things I KNOW I am called to do.
I specifically mentioned leading teen girls in Bible study which I am doing on Monday nights right now!  I love it!  Success.

3) Keep a clean home.
Much better this past year and continuing to improve.  I'm working on re-purposing before purchasing and throwing away before hoarding ;)  And you'll be glad to know my stack of computers (4 CPUs and 2 laptops) are now gone.  Success.

4) Pray
I am still a terrible pray-er.  I need more work on this!

5) Memorization
This came up a couple times through the year but I have not successfully accomplished anything.

6) Study
I did not take a class or learn anything new.  Still need to work on this!

7) Personal time
Sort of.  I don't have a lot of carved out personal time but I am spending the time I have a bit more wisely.  Sort of success?

8) Financial Support
Epic fail.  We just received our "year end" account statements.  I am not anywhere near 100% of our financial support.

9) Appreciating my husband
Success.  He is such an awesome guy and works hard for our family.  I have tried to both tell him that and show him that this year and I think I accomplished that quite well.

10) Find a mentor.
Not in the sense I had in mind, but I do still have friends who are just not that impressed with me and willing to keep it real :)

11) Love
Do we ever really accomplish this?  I would say yes, I am known by my love but I certainly have my moments and have a long way to go!

So much fun!  I jotted some notes during church yesterday of some goals for this year so I'll try to get those up here soon!!

Thanks for your friendship in 2011!


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