Saturday, January 21, 2012

I have babysitters!

So I am in my office painting, writing, thinking and debating if a nap on my office floor would be acceptable or not :)

I bought some really old, not pretty frames at the thrift store yesterday.  Then I took out the glass and all the innards.  They are being repainted in pretty colors that match the girls room.  Hopefully by tomorrow we'll have enough coats of paint to hang them and start decorating.  It definitely would have been wise to do before and after pictures!  One of my more artistically inclined teens is coming over today to help me make sure that what I have in my head will translate onto my walls and that I won't really mess up this project! :)

If I was smarter I would have stocked my office with snacks and a lighter for my candle.  Ah well, next time.

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  1. Just read the most recent 3 posts... love hearing about your deals. Love your texts about them even more! lol You're awesome!