Saturday, January 7, 2012

5 Tips for Getting It All Done

I always think it is really funny when people ask me how I do it "all".  I have two kids, I don't homeschool, I don't work outside the home, I don't have a huge plethora of outside the house responsibilities.  I read blogs of people who have 10 kids, homeschool, grow their own food, make bread every day and I think how do THEY get it all done.  Here are my tips though for anyone, kids or not, for getting it all done!

1. Make Two Lists
First, make the list that happens regularly.  I talked about my weekly chores list (and if I tagged my posts I would be able to find it quickly, but more about organization later).   This is something that gets printed and hung on my fridge every week.  It usually gets done on the days it is supposed to, but not always and that's ok.  For example my post holiday trash can didn't have any more room in it before Tuesday trash all the house trash will be rounded up today so it doesn't have to sit next to my back door for a couple days.  And the laundry days may switch if someone NEEDS something clean, but again, general guidelines keep my floors from being embarassing and my toilets from making me cry.

The second list is an Ongoing Project list this is where I put stuff like "return crib to rightful owner who is going to have twins very soon" and "clean out the file cabinet".  Stuff that doesn't have to get done right away but will make me crazy if it doesn't get done SOMETIME and is easy to forget.  This also goes on my fridge.

2. Coffee
Just kidding.  It is important to keep track of how/what you're eating and how that makes you feel.  I LOVE sugar!  It isn't a secret.  But sugar slows me down so if I eat too much I'm worthless to my family. 

3. Prioritize and Organize
Having the lists isn't enough.  Have them set up in a way that makes sense and you know what is REALLY important to get done and what is just a pet peeve that needs to be addressed eventually but doesn't really matter today.  Do you have the supplies/tools/resources/time to attack the project at hand?  Knowing where all the pieces are before you get going always helps!  (And by pieces I mean everything from the screwdriver to the babysitter).

4. Know Your Limits
I know I only have so many hours in a day so that helps me decide what to take on.  (Including not just projects but time with friends, alone time, family time, etc)  Also know when to ask for help.  It's ok to not do it all yourself!

5. Keep on going.
The worst thing to do is to get overwhelmed and stop.  I admit I get to this point sometimes, but if you keep going things get done!!

Again, I'm not an expert.  I have two kids, a work from home job and a great support system but since I'm asked, there ya go - top five things I'd recommend!


  1. Excellent! You are crazy good at organization! I need to adopt some of these... maybe I will be a better student?? lol

  2. I need to adopt some of these suggestions. I work at home, homeschool, am preparing to make the biggest move of our lives during this year. I particularly like your weekly list and ongoing list. Thank you for sharing, maybe this will make my life less insane this year!
    Figuring out how to homeschool one child, and get everything else done, one day at a time!