Monday, January 9, 2012

Prayer For My Daughters

While I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my second little girl, I was struck by the fact that perhaps the worries I have for them are not the most Biblical.  And of course, since my prayers are based mainly on my worries, perhaps I have some work to do.

- I worry about all the "normal" mom things.  Do they have enough attention, growing properly, major medical issues, social issues, are they "safe", will they face abuse or be subject to any sort of traumatic situation.  I think that is somewhat normal.  I don't think obsessing about these things helps me OR them.  I think it is fair to say "You need to stay where I can see you."  but the extreme of that is "We're not going anywhere for fear something may happen."  And that is not ok.  Fortunately, knowing I lean toward over protection I remind myself that some things are out of my control and my husband is a great balance.

So that being said what should my prayers look like?

- Use me to teach them Lord.
- Let them experience life the way YOU need them to.
- Give me wisdom in boundaries.
- Don't let me stand in YOUR way.
- Thank You for trusting me with them, help me to trust YOU with them.

I know the Lord says He will provide for my children and He has proven Himself faithful in my life. 

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