Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #38

I am thankful for

1...15 minutes of alone time in the car while waiting to pick up my little sister from driving school.

2. All 16 of my brothers and sisters in law. :). (Yeah, and only 4 are from marriages...I expect that number to be at least 23ish before all is said and done)

3. An awesome date night with my man last night. Yummy yummy food and delightful company!

4. Getting to know secrets.

5. My grandparents. I am so blessed to have them and know them. I hope my kiddos get to know them when they can remember and that they one day feel the same way about their grandparents.

6. My brother in law home safe from his deployment!

7. Extra in person and phone time with my sister the last few weeks!

8. That I have the good sense not to wear shorts in the winter...unlike the person I am looking at in the parking lot (see #1)

9. Happy kids.

10. A better attitude :)

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