Tuesday, August 2, 2011

To Do List Tuesday

So as a follow up to yesterday, I thought I'd call this one To Do List Tuesday...I feel like my To Do list NEVER gets finished! But of course the goal is to finish the list before I finish the chart...

See how few spots are left?!?  (And for those that don't know what I'm talking about, that is my count down to due date chart.)  Anyway, most of the stuff on my list just takes some time and attention.  I finished FIVE of them yesterday!  I gotta say though, I'm not super pumped about the rest of them. 

Washing the carpets isn't hard in and of itself but the kitchen table has to move to get it done right.  (Maybe I should tell hubs I want Stanley Steamer for my birthday!) 

The car needs to have all the junk removed, not just gathered and be swept. 

Laundry isn't hard for me to wash and fold...but for some reason I have an aversion to putting it away...to the point that it seems like we are used to living out of baskets.  I've failed as a wife :)  (Not really, hubs doesn't care as long as he has clean clothes and they are folded!) 

I have a PILE of stuff to take to the thrift store.  You wouldn't think this was a problem since my husband goes there EVERY DAY but I either don't remember or he already has stuff to take with him. 

During the weekend my eyes were bugging me so I dug my glasses out of my hospital bag so everything is sitting AROUND the bag instead of in it.  Ugh. 

Bathrooms are the worst possible thing to clean (ok, not really).  I don't wanna!! :) 

And finally, the closet where I store all my kid's clothes that she is not currently wearing needs some attention.  I had to dig stuff out yesterday and realized I need a strong organizational/space saving guru to come help me get this organized so I can get to what I need easily.  Essentially I have one tub for every clothing size and then toys that are too old/young for my kid.  It needs help!

I also need to put a lamp in the hallway upstairs...there is no light up there and before baby is here it'd probably be good to come up with a way to NOT fall down the stairs. (Not that I have, but why risk it?!?)

So, I'm off...between this list of personal To Do's and my list of work To Do's I may never leave my house again...except to go to the thrift store and clean out my car of course! :)


It is now 10:34, 1 hour and 30 minutes since my original post.  I have since added 5 things to the to do list and finally gotten the thrift store stuff out of the house.  Hubs says I'm nesting :)

Update 2 7:37pm: I have put the lamp in the upstairs hallway and am ONE load of laundry away from being done!  One blanket, 3 pairs of hub's shorts and it is all washed, folded and PUT AWAY!  

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