Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten #20

I am thankful for...

1) 40 weeks (today!) of healthy pregnancy.  This one has been "easier" than my first and I'm looking forward to meeting my little girl - hopefully soon ;)

2) A very patient husband.  In my head I know going for walks, bouncing on the exercise ball and bouncing around like a crazy person won't REALLY help with anything, but it makes me feel proactive.  He's been nice about it :)

3) Friends to keep me distracted and spend time with.  I love having people stop by to visit and chat.  (I'm gonna miss Morgan when she moves back to BG on Friday!)

4)  A clean-ish office!  My office finally got picked up and it looks so much better.  I think while Grace naps today I'm going to try to clean up our bedroom...and nap, we were both up till about 3am.  Mother-Daughter insomnia, delightful.  (I got our bedroom and my bathroom cleaned today!  Woohoo.  I also got a couple naps in thanks again to my wonderful hubby.  I love it when Dr's orders are "rest")

5) Baby clothes!  Someone my mom works with is giving me a bag of baby clothes.  We still have everything from Grace but can ya turn down free baby clothes?  Anything we won't use we'll save for friends with babies or donate!  (I received the bag after I wrote this - not only are they baby clothes we'll use they are ADORABLE!)

6) A restful week (except for last night).  I've had plenty of down time this week which I'm a little hesitant about because I feel lazy but thankful for because I know the crazy is coming!

7) My little girl!  I think I could put her on here EVERY week.  She is doing some crazy separation anxiety with me these days and it makes me sad.  Huge crocodile tears if I leave her...if she leaves me (to go to my parents house or whatever) no problems...if I leave her end of the world!  She is super sweet...I wonder if she knows baby is coming.

8) Beth Moore conference!  I feel like I'm still processing but I had a great time and really loved getting to see her live!

9) Friends that answer questions like "So I'm super dizzy, is that normal"...Doctors office said I'm fine :)

10) My awesome new bag!  I got a sweet bag this morning with my last name embroidered on it and I can't wait to use it!  Morgan gets me the best bags that I use ALL THE TIME!


  1. That is awesome you got to see Beth Moore live. She is such a dynamic speaker. Congrats on your new little one soon to arrive.

  2. yay for a fun new bag!

    can't wait for the babies name :)

    that photo is HILARIOUS!