Monday, August 1, 2011

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile...mainly because it has been busy around here.  And when it isn't busy, I just want to sit and do nothing.  :)  Yep, I'm at THAT stage of pregnancy.  I wish I had a little more "nesting" instinct going on...then maybe Morgan wouldn't have made fun of my to-do list...

I mean, I did "sorta" clean out the car...what's wrong with that?  I also had a birthday this past weekend.  I'm now 27 years old - 27!  Every year for our birthdays my dad sends my sister and I flowers.  It is the ONLY day of the year that I answer the door if I'm not expecting someone...and usually I sprint to the door!  Stop and smell the flowers...

So pretty!  Speaking of pretty, I love this kid...I'm not sure if you caught on to that by now!

And one last picture, this is my Grandpa and me on Saturday...he turned 84 and I turned 27...I love sharing a birthday with this man and all the delightful things he has taught me over the years!

OK, I lied, one more...this is how I started my day (well, it was noon but I figure my day doesn't start until Grace is down for a nap and I can actually accomplish something)

More to come...I will do my BEST to be more faithful! :)


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  1. About time!!! I've been looking for this post for a couple of!! For a woman thats 9 months pregnant, you do pretty well getting things done!! Can't wait to meet baby!!