Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beth Moore Notes

I got to go see Beth Moore in Columbus the past two days.  What an amazing speaker and woman she is!  I love how transparent she is with her life.  I feel like I always waver in painting the great image and really letting my guard come down and showing people what is really going on in my crazy brain.  I think God is really working on showing me the right balance of those things.  Her word for the weekend was PREPARE and I have a lot of re-processing to do.

Some things I took away from it that I'll probably expand on later:

1) Scripture Memorization
2) My prayers for my daughters...what they should be and what they should NOT be
3) Being PREPARED for what He has PREPARED for me to do...meeting Him in preparation and getting busy

I also had some new ideas for my Princess girls, some things I want to re-look at with how I study the Bible and just some random thoughts that need more fleshing out.

Morgan, my dear friend, bought me a ticket AND drove me up there - she is pretty much amazing.  I gotta say, that was a great car ride, fantastic conversation and a delightful weekend.  I am blessed to have such awesome friends!

Some of these ladies were as bad as the teens at our teen center when we get a really popular band in!  Oh my goodness they were starstruck!  She was a great speaker though and I can understand it! :)

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  1. I just love you!! I could not have asked for a more perfect person to go to this with. I had such a blast, and you are a TROOPER!! 9 months pregnant and not a single complaint. I will cherish this weekend and the memories we have. You are fantastic, my friend.

    PS. I really liked the Sabbath day in our own lives speech. Not that I haven't heard this before, or even tried to practice it, but it was really cool to see how she laid it out, and really be on fire to spend one day a week resting and spending uninterrupted quality time with the Lord.