Saturday, August 20, 2011

Funny Friday: On Saturday

Oh my kid cracks me up.

- Yesterday she stuck her finger in her mouth and got it COMPLETELY covered in spit.  (She's talented right?)  Then gets real close to me, sticks her finger by my face and goes "Want some?...Want some?"  I was laughing SOOOO hard so she just kept asking!

- My doctor told me there are no terminally pregnant women.

- This is a "will be funny someday".  I think I'm going nuts.  Pretty much every night I think I'm having some contractions (and to my credit I probably am) but I feel like I never remember what they really feel like or what my body is going to do.  So literally my text message to my husband last night was:
"Feels like some contractions...also feel like I'm maybe imagining things lol - its nuts.  Even if real plenty of time"  (he was at work) Followed by:
"Apparently I'm crazy. Gonna head to bed.  I love you."

- On Wednesday night (?) Grace and I had mother/daughter insomnia and were both up until about 3am.  Quite frustrating when ya know she is still going to get up early in the morning (she got up at 10, proved me wrong!).  But I was listening to her jabber in her bed to Elmo.  She is polite even when she is crazy tired... "jabber jabber jabber jabber THANK YOU jabber jabber jabber jabber THANK YOU!..."  So funny!

- I am absolutely convinced (ok, not absolutely) no one ever goes into labor during the day so all day I try to live my normal life and every night I sit around thinking "will it be tonight?  will we need to go in tonight???"

- So more of a cute than a funny: My kiddo (almost 2) and I were eating breakfast and I tickled her.  But she reached out quite insistantly that I hold her hand....then tucked her little chin down to her chest and said all whisper-y "blah blah blah blah blah a-MEN".  LOVE IT!

Alrighty, I'm off to eat breakfast and take the kiddo to the park I think...I'm going to walk this kiddo out today!  (Which I've been saying for a week now but whatever!)

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