Saturday, August 6, 2011

To Do List Tuesday: Update

Today was a lot of fun!  I got up at 6:30 with Grace (not so much fun)...put her to bed at 10am and took a nap.  Then I decided that when she woke up at 12 I didn't want to be stuck in the house with her for the next 8 hours so I called my good friend Stephanie who agreed to meet me with her kids at the children's museum.  We spent three hours there letting them run around and play with different things.  That was our first time going and I really enjoyed it!  (Good thing we went too because apparently when they turn 2 you have to pay for their admission so we beat that by a month!)

On the way home I realized 1) I was very hungry and 2) nothing in my house sounded good.  So I called my dad up and we went out to dinner.  He's going to be out of town for a week so it was good to see him before he left.  Then I on my to do list done.  But overall have accomplished a lot this week.  I have to say - posting an actual picture of my To Do list on here made me feel very accountable to ya'll to get it done!  Here is where I'm at:

Washing the carpets: NOT DONE...and I don't wanna!  I saw an ad today for someone to come in and do them for not too much...I'm debating using my time tomorrow to just do it or to convince Hubs to let someone else do it (although kinda seems like a waste of money...but....)  

Car Cleaned: DONE!  I took the sweeper out today and got all the junk out of it (including the tub of raisins that was dumped just today!

Laundry: Washed, folded, put away!

Thrift Store: Stuff sent!

Repack Hospital Bag: Mission Accomplished!

Bathroom: Done! (I HATE cleaning bathrooms!!)

Kid Clothes Closet: DONE!

Lamp In Hallway: Let there be light!

Office/Bedroom Swept: Not done...mainly because in order to do that I have to locate my office floor first...we'll get there :)

Also accomplished are the extra projects I added including sorting Grace's shoes, Changing the vac bag and a couple other things. 

Special Project for 5 of my favorite kiddos (including my two): not to come soon, don't know if their momma reads this or not so no details at this point :)

So we are done to TWO things on the to-do list and a sewing project that has no real due date so I'm liking it!

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