Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #21

I am thankful for....

1) 41 weeks of healthy pregnancy and knowledge that she won't "let" me go past 42 weeks so I'm having a kid in the next 7 days.  And with hub's birthday on Tuesday there is a good chance if we do induce they might share a birthday...we shall see!  (I told him it was up to him if she gave me the option)

2) A friend who has been able to keep her baby in so far - she has really high blood pressure and has been in the hospital for 3 weeks...she needs to keep her daughter in for one more week before the doctors feel it's "safe" enough.  Here is hoping for longer just so her daughter has more time to mature!

3) Two super close friends who are pregnant and expecting in February and April!  Woohoo!

4) Friends that let me whine :)

5) My sweet girl.  Even though she refused to nap this morning and is napping now (which probably means a late bedtime), she is still a sweetie pie and I'm proud of her!

6) Christmas presents!  Yes, I HAVE started Christmas shopping!  I got my mother in law something and something for my sister - so pumped!

7) The challenge to come up with 10 things to be thankful for - apparently I'm having a hard time with this today.

8) All the pictures I have of my kiddo.  I was just looking through all her pictures on Facebook and was glad I captured the memories!  What a sweet girl!

9) Projects that continue to move forward - and God giving me the people I need to finish them.  I love people that are creative or talented in all those ways that I'm not!  :)

10) Ice cubes.  Stupid I know.  Terrible for my teeth I know...but so fun to chew on!

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  1. In regards to #10:

    Read "Why people chew ice"... but ignore most of the first paragraph. I don't think you have a problem, I just thought it was interesting about the iron deficiency. :) It says that chewing ice is a sign of iron deficiency, it does not cause iron deficiency.. And it explains why pregos chew ice :)