Friday, August 26, 2011

Funny Friday :)

This Friday started out not so funny - but a look back on the week was definitely worth it!

- My kiddo is making me laugh.  When I put her in her seat at the table now she grabs my hand...and if I don't pray she does - with a very loud AMEN.  She prayed while coloring in her chair today too.

- Of course the picture above made me chuckle.  A little Pepsi throne.  Of course the guy you can't see in the picture staring at me like I was nuts because I was laughing and taking her picture was golden too.

- My child now likes to say "OW" loudly and randomly...until you ask if she is ok.  Then she says "I fine."  Repeat every 5 minutes.

- Yahoo reminded me my husband's birthday was on Tuesday.  I'm a woman, we don't forget these things.

- Facebook post from my 13 year old sister in law:
Hey im really thinkin that the baby is gonna come 2 maro night or tonight\ early morning

My response:
It is not nice to tease Beth...Beth is very hormonal - just ask Aaron!

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