Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Photo Day 4: Somewhere You Sat

August Photo Day 4: Somewhere You Sat

While the girls were playing on the swing set in our backyard I sat in the little blue chair for awhile.  Lets just say it is more suited to Abi's size than to mine...picture the chair coming with me when I stood back up. 

Our backyard now contains fenced in room to run, kick balls, a swing set and a pool.  The girls have been loving the outdoor play when their mama feels up to supervising them!  I don't do well with heat so I'm kind of reluctant to spend too long out there - but an evening in the pool is usually quite welcome.

And, add this to Thankful Thursdays - I just got a new bathing suit...the second one I tried on and as far as bathing suits go, I LOVE it.  You probably won't see any pictures of it on here since it is still indeed a bathing suit but its nice to have one that isn't five years old with all the elastic no longer elastic-y.

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