Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Photo Challenge Day 12: From A Low Angle

Day 12: From A Low Angle

I could have probably found a better/more pronounced low angle to take a picture of...but I figured if I was able to capture the smile in her eyes while we played peek-a-boo that'd be better. 

Today one of my big kids (she's not official...but she needs to be!) came over to babysit.  Abi napped and she took Grace out on the swings almost all morning.  It was nice!  Then we took her home and the girls took naps while I worked some more.  (I may have floated in the pool for 20 minutes while they slept...I think God likes prayers from the pool too.) 

Once Aaron got home from work and the girls were up from their naps we all went out and got in the pool for a little while.  Grace is getting more comfortable with it so that is nice.  It has been a fun summertime treat.  I never thought I'd be a pool person, but I'm enjoying it.  (It is about 3ft deep and 12ft across - not huge, but big enough to float in!)

I've got lots to do and only 38 minutes left before I'm calling it a night.  Sweet dreams!

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