Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Photo Challenge Day 30: Friend

Day 30: Friend

Grace is now at the age where she talks to her stuffed animals.  She tells them stories and secrets, sings them songs and loves on them.  Sometimes, when I'm lucky, I get to listen in.  I love her imagination and creativity.  I love her heart.

I believe I skipped bathroom (which just seems odd, although I do have a cute picture of Grace on a mini-potty but that just seemed awkward), where you sleep (because unless I get creative I'm not showing you my bedroom, we have a TON of teens at our house but have a no guests upstairs sorry, you're not invited), and soft because I can't think of anything soft and accessible to take a picture of :)  Not too shabby!

Here is the July list...who wants to play with me?

(again, totally stole it from the person tagged at the bottom!  This is NOT my creation, just participating)

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