Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Photo Challenge Day 17-19

I'm a little behind - although not as far as I thought I was!  Poor people who follow me on instagram are going to wonder what the heck I was thinking with these pictures.  Ah well. :)

Day 17: In Your Bag

In my bag? My super awesome wallet, shopping list, coupon binder and receipts! :)  Always looking for the deals!

Day 18: Something We Don't Know About You

I CANNOT STAND dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter.  It makes me nuts.  Not sure why, I can have cheerios all over my floor (by the way, happy 71st birthday Cheerios!) and it not really bother me, I mean, I don't love it but it doesn't make me postal but dishes in the sink send me over the edge.  Worst is waking up to a sink of dishes.

Day 19: Imperfect

My office needs help.  My dad built me those awesome shelves but I have thrown all sorts of stuff on them.  Anyone want to come pack up my house and unpack it so it is organized and makes sense?

:)  Sorry for the delays - been a little crazy around here!

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