Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Photo Challenge - Days 1 & 2

A friend of mine is doing this June photo challenge...

So I thought I'd participate!  (I have no idea where the challenge came from or who the tags link find those are your own caution.)  Although I'm going to do it here (obviously) and not on my facebook page because then I can write with them too...and hopefully it'll be a good reminder to write more! :)

Day 1. Morning

 My mornings start slooow.  I am not a morning person.  Usually I wake up to the girls and usually laughter is involved.  After getting out of bed, getting them up changed and dressed, I like to spend some time waking up and drinking coffee.  Then, on days when I'm feel like sunshine (I'm also not an outdoor person) we go play and when we do, moments like this occur.  I should do that more often!

Day 2. Empty

Homemade popsicles are my new favorite treat to give Grace.  SUPER easy to make.  1. Buy yogurt. 2. Put yogurt in popsicle mold.  3. Freeze.  4. Serve.  She loves them, they are healthy and it's easy to do!  Much better than the sugary ones or other treats I give her!  Speaking of treats, I need to stock up on M&Ms.  This kid is doing GREAT potty training!  The biggest thing now is when we are out doing things and I forget to ask her if she needs to go.  She doesn't want to stop the fun and go to the bathroom so I need to be more aware of asking her.  Other than that, she is doing great!

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