Friday, June 8, 2012

June Photo Challenge Day 8: 6 o'Clock

Day 8: 6 O'Clock

At 6pm my daughter was in her room.  Again.  She has just been crazy today.  And frankly, I don't think I was helping.  Sometimes we are entirely too much alike.  I didn't think it'd be good parenting to take a picture of her closed bedroom door while she was on the other side of it and both of us were wondering where today took a wrong turn.

I sent my mom a text that said "Abi won't stop crying and Grace won't stop whining.  I don't think I'm helping."  And she said, "What do you need?"  And I thought for a minute and replied - to calm down.  No one was getting hurt, no one was doing anything terribly wrong.  I needed to take a breathe, confess my sins and move on.  So I went in and held my little girl - tight.  She needed to know that regardless I love her.

Then my parents came over.  And my dad took me on a motorcycle ride and for ice cream.  My mom watched a movie with Grace and got her in bed.

It is days like this where it is so hard to remember that this is a phase.  But it is - and she will soon grow in wisdom - hopefully I will too.  Tomorrow, tomorrow is a chance to try again.

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