Monday, June 4, 2012

June Photo Challenge Day 4: Close Up

Day 4: Close Up

This is a picture of one of our zucchini plants!  We decided, rather spur of the moment, to add some vegetables to our back yard.  Eventually we'd like to do more plans around the outside of the whole yard, but for now we have two tomato plants, two pepper plants, two zucchini plants and two herb baskets.  None of my sunflowers made it :( 

It is fun to see the plants flower and grow.  I can't wait until we can eat food from our backyard!  I read a study that kids who's parents raised vegetables were more likely to develop a taste for them - I'm guessing mainly because if you have 100 zucchinis that is what the kid is going to be offered, but either way, I'm hoping having plants will be good for us.  If nothing else, I see lots of chocolate chip zucchini muffins in my future!

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